FitnessMCC Pool

Welcome to the Marin Country Club Pool. The pool is officially open Memorial Day- Labor Day with Lifeguards on duty 11am-7pm daily.

Please note if you are at the pool during non-guarded hours, we recommend you come in pairs. When no lifeguard is on duty, the pool is open to swimming at your own risk.


Private Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Registration Now Open!
Guppy~ For Water Adjustment
(Age 3-5) A private 25-minute lesson offering an introduction on how to enter & exit the water safely. Blowing bubbles, face submersion, floating, glides and water play. Child must be able to detach from parent to enter the pool with the instructor.
Turtles~ Swimming Readiness
A private 25 minute lesson offering practices in breath control, face submersion, swimming unsupported, kicking with support, supported alternating arms and legs floating.
Sea Otter~ Stroke Development
A private 25 minute lesson offering practice swim without support, discuss stroke technique, independent streamline on front and back, take deep breaths while swimming & obtain and intro to deep water & treading, breaststroke arms and legs.
Dolphins~ Stroke Refinement and Endurance
Deep water lesson including Breaststroke timing with arms & legs technique, smooth transitioning work, side breathing and breath control, body position, swimming across the pool and building endurance.
Lessons Available Monday- Thursday 10am-2:30pm by appointment. Priority time slots offered to registrants choosing the 4/class/ weekTime slots first, come first serve. Saturday or Sunday make up lessons available by request. * Please note - we do our best to guarantee your instructor; however, due to illness and unforeseen circumstances, there may be a need for a substitute. Thank you for understanding!

For session dates and costs, please email
Lessons are 25 minutes beginning either on the hour or 1/2 hour. If you arrive late, as a courtesy to the next lesson your child's lesson will end as scheduled.
Barrie Nolan, MCC Swim Instructor grew up swimming in Marin at the Scott Valley Swim and Tennis Club starting at the age of 6. In 1988 she started swimming for Coach Warren Lager on the Marin Pirates team, being the youngest of that team at the age of 12.She played Water Polo while earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Education/ Special Education with an emphasis in Deaf Studies, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Arizona. She has spent her career coaching swim lessons in Marin and Sonoma County. Barrie joins the MCC bringing her expertise as a certified USA swim coach and over 20 years of experience teaching infant, tot and adult swim lessons and is certified as a special needs instructor for children with Autism and other sensory impairments. Barrie is extremely creative and enthusiastic with her approach to swim lessons.

Lifeguard Team

Peter Hunt, Lead Lifeguard was certified in May of 2016 at the Marinwood Pool. For the last 2 summers, Pete has guarded at the Marin Country Club, and worked part time guarding for Boy Scouts of America, Marin Council, and Rickey’s Restaurant. For Peter, safety is the number responsibility of guards. He focuses on recognizing guards should be attentive, decisive, and calm. Secondly, as a result of working at the country club, hospitality is a guard’s second most important responsibility. Guards are here to make sure that the patrons are well taken care of – by keeping them safe and facilitating to their needs.

Marilynn Hunt was certified in 2016. This year will be her second year lifeguarding. She enjoys spending time outside focusing on keeping people safe. Her philosophy is to offer a safe, fun atmosphere  while maintaining a  level of responsibility as a lifeguard.

Aidin Parikh

Sarita Parikh

Andrew Uyesugi 

Catie Van Wheele



Front Entry Gate
The front gates is on a punch number system. The gate will remain open when Lifeguards are on duty. To open the gate during non-guarded hours, Members will need to enter their assigned code (Member Number + 0)

Towel Service
Until Lifeguards are staffed, towels will be located in the Locker Rooms. Please make sure to put your used towels in the towel bines around the pool.
Kids at the Pool
Children must be at least 14 years of age to use the Pool without an adult. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) unless the Right of Usage Program has been completed.

Nannies/ Au Pairs
Once the Nannay/ Au Pair form has been filled out and turned into the Membership Office, kids can come to the Club with the Nanny or Au Pair. The AU Pair/ Nanny must accompany and be in direct supervision of the children at all times.

Guest Policy
All non-immediate family members (except for grandchildren 17and under are considered guests. Members’ children over the age of 22 are considered guests. Each Membership receives 6 complimentary guest passes for the summer. There is a $6/ guest fee. Non family guest limits per day are: 4 on weekdays and 3 on weekends. Any time you plan on brining more that 6 guests (family/non-family), please contact

Flotation Devices
Only Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted at the MCC Pool. This prohibits water wings and in-suite flotation devices.
Donut devices or other flotation devices that may affect visibility in the pool are not permitted. The Lifeguard team has various sizes of life jackets for you or your guest(s) to use if necessary.

Pool Break
The last 10 minutes of each hour is Pool Break. All children under the age of 16 must exit the Pool. This gives time for adults to use the Pool and allows for younger simmers to get a rest and use the restroom.

Ever wonder what all the different whistles the Lifeguards use mean?
  • Fast & Slow Long Whistle- Break
  • 1 whistle- get a swimmer’s attention
  • 2 Whistles- get another Lifeguard’s attention
  • 3 Whistles- activates the Pool Emergency Action Plan
  • If you ever hear 3 whistles, please exit the Pool immediately!