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Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

If you enjoy playing competitive tennis, you’re probably constantly looking for ideas about how to improve your tennis skills. When you want to learn how to get better at tennis, you may look for tips about something specific such as how to improve your tennis serve or something more general such as tennis tricks for beginners.
However, sometimes, the most basic tennis tips can have an impact on many facets of your tennis game.


Tennis Tips for Beginners and Beyond

To improve your tennis game, here are some tips that new and experienced players can use:
1. Have a Plan
One of the top reasons players don’t improve even though they practice often is that they don’t have a plan. To make progress, you need to identify where your play is weak. You then need to develop a plan that will help you improve in these areas and act on your plan.
If you need to improve your crosscourt backhands, for example, your plan can be as simple as dedicating an extra ten minutes per practice session to perfecting them.

2. Practice Your Footwork
Players typically blame their stroke when they miss a shot, but being out of position is normally the reason a player misses. When you’re out of position, you’ll be off balance, incapable of hitting a shot in the strike zone, unable to take a full swing and out of control.
To increase the odds you’ll get to the right positon quickly and efficiently, make footwork drills part of your practice sessions.

3. Train With Others
If you’re serious about getting better at tennis, you should train with other players. More specifically, you should practice with players who are better than you. When you play against a superior opponent, your intensity and decision-making abilities will be taken to the next level. The more often this happens, the more your overall play will improve.

3. Change Your Diet
Do you feel sluggish on the court? Are you not getting to the ball as fast as you’d like? Your diet may be to blame. One of the quickest ways to see your tennis game improve is to make healthy changes to your diet. Your fitness level has a direct influence on your play, so you should fuel your body with healthy foods like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. This will help you reach your optimal level of play.

4. Take a Class
If you’re looking for ways to improve your tennis game, join Marin Country Club. We have tennis programs that are perfect for players at all levels. Whether you’re new to tennis or you’ve been playing for years, you’ll benefit from the best tennis instruction in the Bay Area. We offer private and group lessons, weekly group clinics and league practices that are designed to help you become more adept at tennis. Contact us to learn more about how our expert instructors can help you improve your tennis game today.