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Live the Marin Country Club Lifestyle

At Marin Country Club the elements of your life come together to create a healthy, active, and social lifestyle. Along with our pristine golf course, we offer a relaxed setting where you can socialize with friends, meet new people, indulge in upscale dining and live your life to the fullest. 

Members enjoy life on the course, courts, and clubhouse through social events, healthy activities, and, of course, tasty meals. For generations, the club has been the medium creating memories and making lifelong friends. It’s the Marin Country Club lifestyle, it’s all about the people, and we invite you to take a tour and find out why it’s so popular.

The Active Marin Country Club Lifestyle

The Marin Country Club Lifestyle is an active one. Our golf course, tennis courts, fitness center and pools are enhanced and utilized by our various teams, groups, lessons, classes, and activities you and your family can participate in. Keeping you healthy and fit, and having fun while you do it.

Specialty Social Events

Whether it be a dinner with a former White House chef or a ‘Mad Men’ themed casino night, Marin Country Club’s goal is to fill your life with friends and laughter. Our special events such as jazz on the green, wine tasting, karaoke, cooking classes, Friday night socials and other events bring people together to enjoy the activities they love with their friends and family. Once you join Marin Country Club, your social calendar will always be full.

Fun For The Whole Family

At Marin Country Club we believe that time together as a family is important element of a well-rounded life which is why we offer family friendly focused programming with activities like family BINGO, poolside BBQ’s, and carnivals. The events are made for families to come and have fun together, and they don’t disappoint!

Marin Activities fo All Ages

At Marin Country Club we understand adults and kids need their own friends and social activities to relax and play. Our friendly staff creates an environment where each member of the family feels at home and has fun in their own way. So while you enjoy time the company of your friends on the course, courts or in the restaurant, your children are engaged in a safe environment enjoying fun activities with their friends. 

Join the Marin Country Club Lifestyle Today

Enjoy life with your friends at Marin Country Club. Our club is more than just a country club, it is a place where children make life-long memories and adults  relax with their friends. Marin Country Club provides a balance of fun, healthy living, and socialization that you will not find anywhere else. To find out how you can become a member of this distinctive San Francisco Bay private community, call us at 415-382-6712, email us at or schedule your tour below.