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Golf with Friends in Marin Country Club Men’s Association

The Marin Country Club Men’s Association is a golf group for men that provides an arena for friendly competition between friends of all levels of play. The Men’s Association calendar includes a number of tournaments and special events. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in the sport you love while socializing with friends. Stay in shape, have fun and win accolades when you join our Men’s Association exclusively for Marin Country Club members.

Marin Country Club Men's Golf Tournaments and Championship Races

Test your skills at any one of the many tournaments at Marin Country Club. The Member/Member, Member/Guest, Kickoff, and Club Championship are just 4 of the more than 10 annual tournaments the Men’s Association hosts between February and November. Most tournaments include one or two days of golf in a variety of formats, and are coupled with mouthwatering meals, the crowning of champions and great camaraderie. 

 Team Play 

The Marin Country Club Men’s Association fields two teams, the Saturday and Thursday teams, that face off against other San Francisco Bay Area Country Club associations. It’s a chance to test your match play skill against other Bay Area golfers on other Bay Area private golf courses.

One of the more anticipated events of the year is the two-day Ryder Cup, which pits the Thursday and Saturday Teams against each other at the end of the season. The winner gets a Friday night meal, courtesy of the losing team. It’s all in good fun and builds camaraderie and fantastic memories. Many members say this is their favorite event at the Club.

Season-Long Tournaments 

The Marin Country Club Men’s Association holds several tournaments each year for Men’s Association Members. In the Eclectic Tournament, you record your best score on each hole over 10 rounds, the player with the lowest cumulative score after 10 rounds is the champion of this tournament.

The Palacio Tournament is another classic tournament in which two-man teams face each other in head-to-head match-play competition. Just as the NCAA Bracket tourneys, the winners move on, the losers are out.

Finally, the Challenge Ladder is just as it sounds — when you win a round, you get to “jump” the player ahead of you on the ladder. It’s an intense player-versus-player structure with zero adjustments for handicaps.

Marin Men’s Association’s Player Of The Year

As you hone your golfing skills at Marin Country Club, your game is likely to improve. If you become a member of our Men’s Association, you could be one of the top 28 players and tournament winners who are invited to the end of the year Ferguson Tournament, where the Player of the Year is determined. Not only are bragging rights and prize money awarded, but a trophy will help cement your name in Marin Country Club Men’s Association history book.

Annual Day Tournaments
Sign Up Party - Late February - 1 Night
North Bay Zone Qualifier - Early March - 1 Day
Kickoff Tournament - Late March - 2 Days
President's Cup - Late April - 2 Days
Member/Member - Middle of May - 1 Day
The Big Splash Member Guest Inviational - Middle of June - 4 Days
Scramble - Late August - 1 Day
Club Championship - Middle of September - 4 Days
Ryder Cup - Middle of October - 2 Days
Ferguson (Player of the Year) - Early November - 1 Day
Join the Men's Association with your Membership at Marin Country Club

Contact us at 415-382-6712, or fill out the form below to discover how you can get on the course to start competing and having fun with your new (or old) golfing buddies.