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North Bay Area Marin Country Club Offers Golf Lessons for Kids

Is your son or daughter interested in learning how to play golf the right way? At Marin Country Club in Marin County, California, we offer top-notch golf lessons for kids. Our lessons are taught by pros who enjoy working with young people. For more information about our golf lessons, call us at (415) 382-6712. You can also contact us through the web by filling out our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Why Have a Pro at Marin Country Club Teach Your Kids Golf?

You may know the game of golf well, but it’s still a great idea to have someone else teach your child how to play. Why? There are several reasons:
  • A golf pro is trained to start with the fundamentals. Our beginners’ kids golf lessons are designed to cover all the basics that every golfer needs to know. You’ll feel good knowing that your son or daughter is going to have the solid foundation on which to build future golfing skills.
  • Your child will experience essential golfing drills. Drills are an integral aspect of kids’ golfing lessons for a very specific reason: They help build muscle memory and repetition. The drills used by our golf pros are designed to maximize your child’s abilities.
  • The golf pro will be able to give individualized instruction. The golf pros who teach golf lessons to kids at Marin Country Club in the North Bay area know how to match their instruction to each student’s needs. This helps them give personalized attention while still in a group setting.
  • Your child will socialize and meet new friends. This is an important part of the game of golf, which can be an opportunity for socialization. Rather than playing only with adults, the kids involved in our golfing lessons learn from each other.
Help your child build character, confidence and ability by taking advantage of our youth golf lessons. Golfing lessons for kids are offered on a regular basis, so contact us today to find out about the next available sessions for your child’s age group.

Golf Lessons as Part of Kids’ Summer Camps

Marin Country Club offers summer camp adventures every year, and golf lessons are sometimes included in those packages. If you want to know more about the summer camps that are happening at our North Bay private golf club, please look at our calendar of events, or click on our “Kids” tab above.
Shop for Kids’ Golfwear and Gear at the Marin Country Club Pro Shop
Having the proper clubs and gear is important for all golfers, including junior players! The Marin Country Club Pro Shop offers equipment and apparel in youth sizes to fit all ages. After signing up your child for kids’ golfing lessons, feel free to visit the Pro Shop to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives about the right items for your son or daughter.