Kids’ Classes

Let’s face it — it can be difficult to keep kids entertained and engaged every day. With the increased use of electronic gadgets among younger people, it seems that many parents have simply allowed electronic devices to become de facto babysitters they can rely on to keep their children entertained and out of the way.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you and your kids, however. There are plenty of kids’ activities in Marin, and you’ll find the very best of them at Marin Country Club.

Kids’ Activities at Marin Country Club

Our kids’ classes in Marin County do more than just keep your children entertained. Our Bay Area kids’ activities are designed to give your children the chance to have fun in an environment that’s ready to prepare them for success throughout their lives
What do many kids enjoy more than anything else? Spending time with their buddies. We have several programs that enable your children to hang out with their friends and give you the chance to enjoy some time with other adults. Some of our child-oriented events include:
  • Cookies and Canvas
  • Parent’s Night Out
  • Thanksgiving Camp
  • Christmas Camp
We’re proud that our beautiful country club is the home of one of the most popular summer camps in the North Bay area. When your children attend our Bay Area Summer Day Camp, they’ll enjoy golfing, playing tennis, swimming, participating in games, making crafts and more.

If your kids are a little old for our Bay Area Summer Day Camp but not quite ready to be camp counselors, they can join our Counselor-in-Training program. This program allows your children to take on some responsibility as they help our camp counselors with various activities throughout the summer months.

While our Bay area kids’ classes often focus on fun, some of them are more serious and goal-oriented. For instance, our Bound4College workshops are designed to introduce your older children to the college application process. Our STEM Camp emphasizes science, technology, and math to better prepare your children for even greater achievements in life.
We know many children look forward to the holidays, regardless of their age. That’s why our Bay Area kids’ activities include multiple events during the holiday season. Every year, we host holiday-themed parties and give your little ones the opportunity to meet Santa face-to-face!

Learn More Now

Do you want to learn more about our kids’ activities and kids’ classes in Marin County? Contact us to arrange a tour of our property. We’ll tell you all about the classes we offer and show you where the fun and learning take place. When you visit Marin Country Club, you’ll quickly see that this is where your kids will want to be as much as you do. Give us a call to schedule a tour today.